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Quingmay Classics
AB-01 AB-02 AB-03
AB-05 AB-06 SP-2 (2x1)
Quingmay Colours
1 Color AB-03 Stripe Pattern Checkered AB-03
3 Color AB-06 AB-06 Stripe SP-2 (2x1)
Quingmay Metallics
AB-01 AB-02 AB-03
AB-05 AB-06 SP-2 (2x1)

raw fibers & textiles
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- Quingmay Fabrics
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braids, yarns and twines
- Braids, Yarns and Twines
- Hat Bodies
gifts and homeware
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Quingmay Sinamay
Sinamay is an all natural, handwoven fabric that can be formed to almost any shape and dyed to almost any color.

It is a versatile fabric used in a variety of products such as hats and bags by Fashion Designers and soft furnishings by Interior Designers.
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